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About steve

Steve is a step-dad, lapsed Catholic and  heathen dabbler with a dangerous left foot and even sharper left hand. However, he’s let down on the quest for the leftist-triumvirate by his weaker left eye. His spirit animal is an owl, and he identifies somewhere on the spectrum between a Wizard and a Druid, although with admittedly less authority. 


You’ll find him running three times a week, or otherwise at his desk drawing, reading, writing, scheming, plotting and teaching. 2020-21 has offered Steve the opportunity to live his dream of living like a medieval monk, except with better WiFi and hot running water.

his WORK

Steve’s work comes in many forms. He writes, draws, paints, mosaics, sculpts, binds, uses digital mediums and generally potters and tinkers. He has been making work professionally since 2015 after nearly becoming a Medieval Historian. His work has sold around the globe, and features in many books, CD covers, schools, community centres and galleries. He semi-regularly exhibits work with The Tunnel, a DIY-collective of artists based in London.  His work is inspired by religious experiences, esotericism, mythology and history.

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