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Art workshop in Southend-on-sea


Steve Lawes - me - is an artist local to Southend-On-Sea, and is active in the wider Essex county, producing commissioned pieces, helping other creatives, and running bespoke workshops in and around the Southend area. I can teach a wide range of art forms, helping beginners to access their creativity in ways that suit them. 

From teaching Mandalas, Zentangle, and other techniques, I have gained extensive experience in not only producing these kind of pieces, but also teaching how you yourself can create them

With these art workshops, I strive to make them safe spaces where everyone feels comfortable enough to freely ask questions, disagree or express their own opinions. As part of a healthy learning environment, I believe this is vital to a great workshop.

So, get in touch today to enquire about creating a bespoke workshop package for your organisation.

Southend based

Being only a drive away from the town centre, I can easily and efficiently organise these workshop events and really get involved. Having been involved in the local arts community for a substantial amount of years now, I've come to gain valuable knowledge about many different art organisations within the borough and beyond. 

This helps across all levels regarding the art workshops I offer, as I can competently run, set up, manage, and especially due to my local experience, I have a widened knowledge of venues, the locals themselves, and what the art community in Southend as a whole wants from such activities. 

Southend Steve Lawes
Art Workshop In Progress

workshop REVIEWS

“Having Steve and Brad (Rumble) come in and teach the children was good for my professional development”


– Mrs Wood, Little Thurrock School